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America's War Game

If you're wondering why President Obama is so reluctant to confront the ISIS threat, which is growing by the minute all over the Middle East, then this editorial might give you some hints. There must be some solid reasons why it took the US less than six months to defend Oil fields in Kuwait after its invasion by Iraq in 1990, and why America is not even blinking today as ISIS is seizing Oil fields in Iraq, Syria and Libya. Actually, one can't help but question if this is the same America, which rushed into wars against Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and later on in Iraq. The truth is, there are prerequisites for an American war, at least as far as modern history is concerned.

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Signs Your Country is Going Bankrupt

As the confrontation between Greece's newly elected government and the European Union escalates, the country could run out of cash as early as this March. Earlier, on January 25, 2015, Greece's radical left party, Syriza, became the first anti-bailout party to win elections in the Euro zone. Consequently, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is now refusing to accept more bailout packages, and rather demands the restructuring of outstanding debt. A request, which is openly rejected by Germany, the European Central Bank and the European Parliament. Depending on the undergoing negotiations between the sides, Greece could be left to deal with bankruptcy on its own. This is an attempt to understand what leads to a country's default, and what happens afterwards.

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The US-Saudi Oil Politics

While Western media boasted about Lady Liberty Michelle Obama appearing unveiled in Saudi Arabia, Eastern activists toasted the Saudi King's unusual exit in the midst of the Obamas' welcome ceremony. It all happened as the U.S. president cut short his visit to India and dashed to Saudi Arabia with a high-profile delegation to offer their condolences on the death of King Abdullah. King Salman, now heading the country with the world's highest oil reserves, drew a lot of attention last week as analysts around the world attempted to examine his influence on the ailing oil prices. We'd rather focus on this distinguished Obama deputation because we think there is a lot more into it than just paying tribute to the late Saudi King.

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Putin's Revenge!

This is probably one of the most important editorials you'll read in 2015, and I mean it with every sense of earnestness. But first, let us set the facts and numbers, which you won't find as direct and complete elsewhere. Europe imports around 36% of its natural gas from Russia, which in turn exports 60% of it through Ukraine. The other 40%, Russia exports through Belarus, Latvia and Finland. When Russia supported the separatists in Ukraine, the US and Europe responded with some tough sanctions against the Russians. This week, Russian president Vladimir Putin ordered that Russian gas to Ukraine be stopped, accusing the latter of stealing it. The end result is that Europe just lost 22% of its total natural gas supply overnight. Now the details.

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