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How Long Does a Stock Market Crash Last?

When a stock market crash becomes an undeniable fact, everyone starts wondering when will the bleeding stop. So just like almost everyone lived in denial at first, and refused to admit that a crash is about to wipe all profits, eventually, they would all  be exposed to fear and panic, and would once again refuse to admit that the crash is over. It's a natural human phenomenon that has accompanied every crash start, and every crash end. Having said so, it is still possible through a technical analysis method, to predict the time around which the market should be expected to bottom; and in the very same way, the time it should come back to make a new High. This method is called "Time Cycles Analysis", and is applied below on U.S. stock markets.

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Trading a Stock Market Crash!

Stock markets have crashed and will continue to crash for as long as they exist. Everyone literally knows that, yet a rare few properly manage to deal with it. Many are essentially unaware that a crash is already unfolding; well, at least until a few weeks or months after the fact. Others, continue to deny it wishfully hoping for a recovery. However, everyone keeps asking the very same questions. Should I sell and get out now? Should I wait a little longer? Do I rather buy and average my losing positions? Should I do nothing at all and turn into a long-term investor? This editorial will, once and for all, answer those basic questions and point you to the right direction.

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