What is the Best Technical Analysis Book?

This is the most repeated question, not just here on eTradingPicks.com, but worldwide. The problem is that if people were statisfied with the quality of books already available in the market, this question would have never been that popular. And that's exactly why we, at eTradingPicks.com, have gotten into publishing.

"The 1-Day TECHNICAL ANALYSIS Expert Guide" is, by far, the best technical analysis book in the market today for the following reasons:

  1. It is written by an author who has 25 years of investment experience.
  2. It is the "only" Technical Analysis book where the author is "actually" trading for a living using the very tools in this book.
  3. It is the "only" Technical Analysis book that will "actually" teach you how to profit in any financial market in the world.

You will learn how to become a professional technical analyst and profitably trade any financial market in the world in just one day; be it stocks, currencies, commodities, precious metals or even bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It might be unheard of, and you might be warned against it, but you are asked just one thing before embarking into this journey; that is, to trust the author's 20-year experience in this field!

You can find more info on the book at this link.


Author: eTradingPicks.com

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