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Our "1-Day Expert" series is a revolutionary way of learning developed by our invesment experts. Our aim is to make you an expert in the field of your choice, or all of them if you choose so, by eliminating all the trivial stuff and focusing only on the tools that actually make money. To do so, we have combined all the statistically profitable tools with our own proprietary tools. The result was a solid-rock arsenal. Here is how it works.


Buy one or all of our Amazon investment books on Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis (coming soon) or Day Trading (coming soon). All books are intended to be read in just one day, but feel free to take more time if you need to. The most important thing is to fully understand the content.


Once you finish reading the book(s), email us any questions you may have. We are available around the clock to make sure you fully understand the content that's been presented to you. We may even relay your question(s) to the book author, and get them to directly reply to you.

Finally, practice, practice, practice; then start making money!


"I recommend this ebook for anyone using technical analysis, it's really worth it for a low price, and 25 years of experience in the field."
Edgar Reyes Review

"I have sifted through tons of stuff on the Internet, but haven't found the level of PRACTICAL advice the author teaches in this book."
Jeff G. Review

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This book will teach you the tools that make money. It is filled with expert fine tuning tips, which make all the difference between profit and loss. You will learn how to detect a trend reversal, spot the best performing sectors, and perfectly time your trade. All in 24 hours!

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(Release Date: 1Q2019) This book will make the very complicated subject of financial statements analysis an absolute breeze. You will learn what figures and ratios to look for, how to spot a good management, and how to calculate the fair value of any stock in the market.

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The 1-Day
Expert Guide
(coming soon)

This book will revolutionize the way day trading is conducted. It builds on some basic technical analysis tools, then for the first time ever, discloses one of our sharpest proprietary tools to time your day trade. You will never regret reading this one, and you will never look at day trading the same way again.

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