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Last Updated: 6 May 2019
The DOW remained directionless throughout April 2019, which was much in line with our last forecast. The break of the minor resistance at 26,100 pushed the market a little higher towards its historical high just below 27,000 but ever since it's been pretty dull. This scenario is expected to continue but not for long, so please be very careful as there are still no clues as to where it's heading next. We are facing one of two scenarios, either ...

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From Our Editorials Section

Trading a Stock Market Crash!

Stock markets have crashed and will continue to crash for as long as they exist. Everyone literally knows that, yet a rare few properly manage to deal with it. Many are essentially unaware that a crash is already unfolding; well, at least until a few weeks or months after the fact. Others, continue to deny it wishfully hoping for a recovery.

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Signs Your Country is Bankrupt

As the confrontation between Greece's newly elected government and the European Union escalates, the country could run out of cash as early as this March. Earlier, on January 25, 2015, Greece's radical left party, Syriza, became the first anti-bailout party to win elections in the Euro zone.

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Putin's Revenge!

This is probably one of the most important editorials you'll read in 2015, and I mean it with every sense of earnestness. But first, let us set the facts and numbers, which you won't find as direct and complete elsewhere. Europe imports around 36% of its natural gas from Russia, which in turn exports 60% of it through Ukraine.

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